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What is the recovery from cosmetic surgery like?
Each patient tolerates pain after surgery in different ways. Your surgeon will prescribe the appropriate pain medications to help minimize any discomfort. In general, most facial cosmetic operations have minimal discomfort post-operatively. Liposuction is slightly more uncomfortable, and operations that require elevation or tightening of the muscles-such as an abdominoplasty or breast augmentation can cause discomfort equal to a C-section.

How soon can I return to work?
The length of time it takes to recover after plastic surgery varies depending on the procedure performed and the person operated on. Most patients will require assistance for the first two days following surgery.

What do I do if I am not sure if I need cosmetic surgery?
If you are not happy with certain aspects of your look, you should arrange a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. He will listen to your concerns, examine yioy and then guide you on whether you would benefit from any cosmetic procedure.

How many men have cosmetic surgery?
Men had over 9 percent of cosmetic procedures in 2010. The number of procedures (surgical and nonsurgical) performed on men was more than 1.1 million during the same year.

Will there be no scars after cosmetic surgery?
Cosmetic surgeons have years of training to operate with minimal trauma and scarring. The scars post surgery are neat and usually fade with time. Creams and ointments are available to apply, which help with healing. But like everything in life, cosmetic surgery has certain limitations. In some cases, minimal scarring may remain. This is inevitable and if any surgeon says otherwise, he/she is not parting with the whole truth.

What are the most popular procedures for men?
The top non-surgical cosmetic procedure for men in 2009 was Botox®. Liposuction was the top surgical cosmetic procedure.

How long do I have to be off work?
This depends on the procedure being undertaken. Also, different people have variable healing and recovery time. Your surgeon will discuss this with you and guide you during the consultation.

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